Central Monmouth County Related History

Principal historical works of local (central Monmouth Co.) interest - by Author:

This Old Monmouth of Ours- William Horner 1932/1974
Introduction and Preface - useful advice in reading chronicled history
Monmouth Patent Granted-Horner
The Patentees Themselves-Hornor
Morris Iron Works of Tinton Falls
Eve of The Battle of Monmouth
Battle of Monmouth
Passage of British after Battle of Monmouth
Captain Joshua Huddy & Philip White History
Letter from Washington regarding Huddy murder

A History of Monmouth County- Franklin Ellis 1885
History of Atlantic Township
Atlantic Township Biographical Sketches
Monmouth County Population

Atlas of Monmouth County-F.W. Beers 1873
Census of 1870

Historical and Biographical Atlas of the New Jersey Coast-Woolman & Rose 1878
Monmouth County Population from Census of 1875
New Jersey Population from Census of 1875
Population by Counties, 1790-1870
History of Monmouth County
History of Middletown Township
History of Shrewsbury Township
History of Eatontown Township
History of Ocean Township
History of Atlantic Township
History of Wall Township
History of Howell Township

History of New Jersey - Samuel Smith 1765

First Grant & Settlement-1584
Early Dutch & Swedish Settlements-1600s

New Jersey and the Revolutionary War-Alfred Hoyt Bill 1964

Principal historical works of local interest - Chronologically:

First Grant & Settlement-1584
Early Dutch & Swedish Settlements-1600s
Monmouth Patent Granted-1668
The Patentees Themselves-1668
Morris Iron Works of Tinton Falls - 1674
Eve of The Battle of Monmouth - 1778
Battle of Monmouth - 1778
Passage of British after Battle of Monmouth - 1778
Captain Joshua Huddy & Philip White History - 1782
Letter from Washington regarding Huddy murder - 1782

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